what if most fearful planet saturn becomes retrograde in horoscope!!!

as all of us when hear the name of saturn always feared about its result ,but what is

saturn ??? saturn is limitations,delay,trouble,judge of  your deeds etc.

so what retrograde motion of a planet describes .retrograde as name suggests is a vector quantity which signifies direction in the opposite direction of earth,but this opposite direction is from the earth as a frame of reference but not in actual which is due to bobbling motion.

so when saturn becomes retrograde it expands its clout or limitations and believe me that this is the only planet which on retrograde motion provides one with fame and wealth in much quantity.it is like a exalted planet when in retrograde motion and provides benefic result which can be enhanced when it is in own sign or in kendra or trikona and also aspecting 10 lord or is the lord of 10th house in horoscope.